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All classess - Topic and other activities

Today is all about the five senses!

We are going to have a day off from Australia today but will come back to it tomorrow.

Today we are going to follow the BBC bitesize lesson which is all about the senses.

At the bottom there are some suggested activities to have a go at.

Click on the link below and work through the different sections.

This is suitable for all years. (revision for Year 1 and 2)


Play the tasting game with an adult

Close your eyes whilst an adult gives you a small amount of something to taste.

Talk about what it tastes like , how would you describe it?. Do you like it? What do you think it is?

Try a few different things.

Year 2

Think about how you could record your results


Taste test Describe what it tastes like Do I like it? What is it?           
Food 1 salty  yes crisps  


Why not have a go at the rainbow scavenger hunt?

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