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We will soon be moving to Seesaw, rather than email, for sharing our work and messaging and for feedback on our learning. Download the free Seesaw Class app from your app store or bookmark on your laptop or computer - we will send your logins soon.


Good Morning Year 1 laugh


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have recharged your brains ready for another busy week of home learning. This week is week 3 of our home learning (it's going so fast!) and I want you all to continue to work hard at home (or in school) for your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all will go in a super picture gallery at the beginning of each new day so look out for your pictures there! I have just set up a new gallery below for all your fabulous learning from Friday.


Keep up the amazing work, I am proud to be your teacher and now your grown-ups can see why as you are showing them how hard you work and how beautiful your work is!laugh


From today, you will notice that Phonics is going to be a little different, there will be no worksheets to complete as in the video below Miss Martin and George are talking you through a phonics lesson just like the ones we have in school. In the video Miss Martin and George will introduce you to a new phase 5 sound each day and re-cap the phase 3 and 4 flashcards. For the lesson you will need either a whiteboard and pen or a piece of paper an a pen or pencil. Enjoy! laugh

Miss Martin and George Phonics lesson on Monday

In English this week, we are going to be looking at and  writing a non-chronological report all about a scooter. Today as the introduction to this we are going to be looking at our scooters, drawing them and labeling the different parts. Please watch the video below where Miss Martin is talking you through todays lesson and then have a go yourself.

English explained and modelled by Miss Martin


Today in our Handwriting lesson we are going to be looking at letter families. These are groups of letters that are formed in the same way. The first letter we are going to be looking at is the letter j, this comes from the long ladder letter family.


Please complete the worksheets below and if you would like to practice the letter i and it's formation please access the letter join website by followign these instructions: 


click on the following link to access the website: 

The log in is as follows, username : tfps_2     password: thythorn2

(Please note there are no capitals in the password or the log in)


Once on the letter join website, please click on easy letters and you will see in the scrolling menu at the bottom letters, please watch how  the letter l is formed and then have a go on screen using your mouse.

Handwriting shown by Miss Martin

To introduce our topic lesson, Miss Martin and all the other Grown-up's thought it might be a nice idea for you to get some fresh air and go out on your scooters for a zoom around. You could think of some challenges to give yourself like how long does it take you to get to the end of the street, or how fast can you go. The possibilities are endless. In school today we will be doing exactly the same thing only we will be using the school playground and being careful not to disturb the other children. Don't forget to send any pictures or videos to Miss Martin.
► STORY TIME! laugh
As we have moved in to our topic of Land, Air and Water, Miss Martin will try to choose sotries for you that have a transport related link. You will notice another change to the stories today as Miss Martin and George have filmed themselves reading your story to you today. Enjoy! laugh

kippers balloon read by Miss Martin and George

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