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Thursday 11th


Year 5 – Thursday 11th February 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading







Reading comprehension

Mental Maths warm up


Add 3 or more fractions

Day 4 of a writing project about Cave elves (Talk 4 Writing)


The incredible adventures of Professor Branestawm

Chapter 14


Thursday slide

SLSSP - Boccia


Flip book of a train journey



Reading comprehension




        ► Mental starter

Add 3 of more fractions

Mrs Dunford explains adding 3 fractions further.

Blue challenge - complete questions 1 - 4.

Green challenge - complete questions 1 - 6.

Purple challenge - complete all questions and continue onto the challenge below.




Yesterday, you created your elf or sprite.  The passport was a great way of detailing the looks and qualities of your own creature.  Today your are planning your entry for 'The Ultimate Guide to elves and sprites'.  Please watch the video as I give you an explanation of what to do and I model how to use the planning sheet.  You can use the planning sheet from the talk 4 writing document, or I have created you a bigger version.  You can also write your plan onto paper or into Seesaw, but please use the suggested paragraph structure so that your final piece of writing follow that correct format.

Thursday elf work - planning/boxing up YOUR elf. Mrs Dunford explains and models.



The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm - Chapter 14




► P.E.

We all got involved in the first Quad Cup Basketball challenge, and it's now time for our second challenge of The Quad Cup - The Virtual Boccia Competition.  

Students will take part in 1 individual challenge and can take part whether they are at home or at school: 

Students at HOME & SCHOOL:

Boccia Target Throw Challenge: How many points can you score from 10 attempts? 

Watch the video below which gives clear instructions on how to set up and complete the challenge.

You can then enter your results on the google form link below.  I have also included the participation certificate so that you can print it off and show that you took part in our whole school challenge.

SLSSP Quad Cup: Virtual Boccia Competition



This afternoon we are going to make a flip book of a train travelling. Below is a bullet point list of what to do but I have also included a video of Liz Pichon (author of Tom Gates) making a flip book from post it notes to give you the basic idea of how a flip book works and some ideas you can practise before starting on your train design.  The key is keeping your design simple so you can replicate it multiple times on each page.  I have also recorded a demonstration video with a train design.  You can choose a steam train (which would be really effective with the steam cloud moving along!), an electric train, tube train or a bullet style train like mine.


1.  Create a stack of paper pieces the same size.  I cut 3 A4 pieces of paper into 9 equal pieces.

2.  I stapled or clipped the pages together at this point, but you may wish to keep them separate until the end for ease of drawing.

3.  Remember the far edge of your paper won't be seen.

4.  Draw a small front view of your train and maybe a tree or hill in your background.

5.  On the next page, draw exactly the same train and background but move it all along by a small amount so you can see a bit more of your train.  Make sure you keep the details the same.

6.  Repeat this over many pages.

Liz Pichon - Making a flip book


This video may help you try a simple version of a flip book to start with, as it shows how to move each image a small amount on each page.

Mrs Dunford explains how to make a flip book.

Took photos as I realised the sun was reflecting on my video

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