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For any children isolating at home due to COVID-19 related issues, home learning will be provided here daily; closely matched to the learning taking place in school. Paper copies can be provided on request. For families that have no access to technology we may be able to loan a Kindle Fire tablet in addition to paper copies.

Please record all activities that you complete as an observation on Tapestry with a description of what your child has achieved and attach any helpful videos or photographs that will help Mrs Wills to see their learning.


If you have any questions or queries then please email:

Free Play


As you may be aware, the Early Years curriculum revolves around play-based learning and we encourage you to provide opportunities throughout the day to allow your child to select an activity of their choice and simply spend time playing with and talking to them. 

Home Learning Ideas


At this point in the year, the children are accessing continuous provision and spending most of their time Learning Through Play and so we encourage you to spend the majority of the day talking to you child and playing with them in ways that they initiate.


Below are a selection of activities which you could do to support your child, on top of their play.


  • Reading books together - modelling positive book experiences on a daily basis is to promoting reading. You could also give your child a book with pictures and ask them to tell the story from the pictures.
  • Recognising their name - write your child's name on a piece of paper and other words on separate pieces of paper, ask your child to pick out their name. Once they have mastered this, write words which begin with the same letter as your child's name to make it a bit more challenging
  • Practising writing their name - first by tracing over your letters, then copying and finally independently
  • Counting to 10
  • Counting objects
  • Counting out objects
  • Recognising numbers to 5 and then 10
  • Colouring
  • Playdough
  • Threading beads or pasta tubes
  • Scavenger hunts
  • I Spy With My Little Eye
  • Tracing shapes
  • Shape hunt
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Singing songs
  • Copying clapped rhythms
  • Finding rhyming words
  • Identifying initial sounds (e.g. "what is the first sound in CAT?"/ "which item begins with s?")


We do not expect you to complete more that a few of these a day but please contact Mrs Wills is you require more ideas.

Useful Links to support home learning (login using the username ThythornEYFS and password Thytorn) (many activities can be accessed for free) 

►PE Resources


Please find below a variety of exercises and activities that you can do to help develop your child's strength and skills.



In  EYFS, the majority of learning takes place in a child-initiated manner. This means that the children often choose what they activities they want to do and when. For this reason, I will not include a set timetable for each day and would rather you work around your child; allow your child to take breaks and engage in free play if needed and then complete set learning tasks and lessons together throughout your day.

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