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Tuesday 31st March 2020

TUESDAY 30.3.2020

If nothing has grabbed you on the free 'Audible' range of books for children posted on Y6 webpage last week, try these:


New Books to Read - Online Library

We have access to a wonderful library of books that you can read online - all free. Please check it out.

Go to Oxford Owl - Click here :

or on this page and click on 'my class login', name: best   password: class 

There are more books available when logged in.



Some of the children in school with me last week started with a film clip called The Blue Umbrella (not Balloon - those in school will be smiling now!) Jane Considine refers to clips and writing last week, but I cannot include this here otherwise the children in school will be repeating the same work. Do not worry about the timings Jane mentions - we are doing this after the live teaching clips. You will need 2 YouTube pages open at one time and then either Word or pen and paper.

So, I am going to jump to La Luna - watch this film clip first:


Then return back to Jane giving you the next instructions.


She is really slowing down the skills needed in writing and gives you specific criteria to include. Please include any additional skills you know are needed for Y6. Please feel free to submit direct to Jane Considine and/or take a photograph of your writing and e-mail to me when your first draft/final draft is written - it does not have to be perfect, but I know some of you will not submit your ideas unless you have re-written it! Please feel free to edit and improve your first draft, if you would like to.



We find ourselves in a very unusual situation: the rules have changed; our choices to some degree have been taken away from us; we are not free to come and go as we please. This can be very fulfilling as life has suddenly become far less demanding on our time, but it can also be frustrating and restricting which may lead us to challenge these rules and laws and feel that the rules do not apply to us, or that corona virus will not happen to you. After you have watched this clip, I would like you to write a balanced argument; give me the pros and cons about why we should/should not follow the rules and restrictions placed upon us at the moment due to the corona virus.

Look at the 3 child speak corona virus booklets you took home in your Learning Folder- these might give you some facts when justifying your opinions about following the current rules/laws placed upon you.

Remember to include the consequences. It might be useful to talk about this with an adult and get them to deliberately have the opposite point of view to you - write their ideas and arguments down and then include your own point of view. Create a persuasive poster if you have time.

Watch this:



Try this quiz - it contains questions taken from previous year group's learning. If there are any questions you get wrong explore that question and see what else you can find out about it on Purple Mash; Science section or BBC bitesize. Why not do a controlled experiment with bread in a light place, a dark place, a warm place, a cold place, a moist place - where does the bacteria thrive best/least. Find out why this is. Record your results via photographs and describe any transformations.

Take the quiz:


Class read: 20 minutes or more - snuggle up somewhere comfortable and without distraction and continue to read Holes, or a book of your choice.

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