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Tuesday 31.1.2023

Arithmetic sheets during register.


Flashback GPS:


Pupil sheets:

Additional needs: yellow, blue, green and x1 enlarged.

Additional needs: will benefit from having a copy of slides in front of them on their colour paper and/or enlarged.

All pupils may benefit from a shared copy of slide resources to look at in front of them rather than losing learning from IWB to desk - just as we have done before p/c x15 copies. (not answer slides though!)


SPELLING and HANDWRITING embedding skills overlap:

Using the Year 5/6 word list and appendix 1 (can include any morphed versions) continue with practising the correct formation of the letter 'K' from last lesson. E.g. awkward (Y5/6 spellings), knight, knot (appendix - silent letter spellings) sketch, jacket (other spellings on appendix I). There aren't many examples - a good opportunity for dictionary work skills to find word examples.


I do: model the formation, a word from list, plus include the use of commas for additional detail (from before break time too make connections and further embed) just practised.


We do: practise the word together. 

One line of the word.

The word used in context - take suggestions from children, especially for expanded detail and punctuation.


You do: write the word then use in content for a sentence of your own.

Ask for examples from pupils, of good practice, to read aloud to others - with all of today's elements in.



Flashback 5!

Show on IWB for discussion and modelling:

For ease of teaching, in my absence, the Vimeo clip will be the 'I do' today.

Please stop and punctuate the lesson, checking for understanding.


'We do' will be working through modelled examples, questions, pausing and asking pupils for predictions and for them to share their understanding before example worked through on video clip.

'You do' individual questions.

Everyone does 'ALL' /first task.

All but 4 pupils work their way through questions. They know who they are.

4 pupils: jump to Q3 today.


Additional needs: questions for slicing into individual questions, putting into grey trays, plus putting onto green, yellow and blue, plus one enlarged version.


P.E.: (straight after register up until 2.10pm (agreed by Mrs Boyd, then Y5 have PE).

Invasion Games:

Pupils have been gradually increasing the size of their team and space/size of court they are playing on.

We have progressed from paired work, small group work and small team: 6 players on each side.


Last week, as a warm up, we used one white marked out court, split in half for each team of 6 to play against each other. We have been looking at the centre person and the other 5 marking up; with two ready to play and move up front (shooters) and the others keeping back (ready to defend) - they need to work on marking up a matched player. We used the netball posts for the first time last week. Shooters need to practise their standing positions and throwing up, rather than across the net ring as they are nowhere close to score. Repeat this week.


We moved to using 2 of the white marked out courts and making my own centre spot from cones.

Mrs Afandor may be able to explain this better.


Mrs Boyd did mention that Wigston Academy are booked to work with Y5/6 this week as sports ambassadors - an event they have carried out in the past. She said that's next week's PE covered/sorted! This may take all morning or afternoon, in which case just move the lessons around to accommodate this event.

COMPUTING: (may not go ahead if Wigston Academy Sports Ambassadors are in school)


The laptops are still very problematic. 

Try your best to research another of the main characters from The Tudors: one of the wives not yet researched, or Francis Drake or Sir Walter Raleigh.

They could also begin to look at Tudor diets, clothing and music.


Remind them to save their sheet in Word as soon as they open it, otherwise all pupils overwrite each others work!! They will tell you they have saved it but they haven't - it still says 'document 15' - such fun!

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