Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Week 1 home learning

Year 1,

I am loving seeing the fabulous things you are doing at home! keep up the superb work and I look forward to receiving more updates. Stay safe, and keep working hard. School is very quiet and not the same without you all, I can't wait to see you all again soon! laugh

Mia showing how pencils can make super groups of 2
Jimmy and his pairs of apples
Isabelle Enjoying Learning about pairs of objects
Charlie R's fabulous Newspaper
Mia-Rae's beautiful fairy garden
Kyan joining in with Joe Wicks and getting active
Olivia's fabulous tiger picture!
Kylan's amazing tiger painting!
Jimmy's super number spotting! Happy birthday!
Billy and his lovely rainbow painting
Charlie using Purple mash to create a tiger
Josua's tiger picture and tiger impression!
Mia's lovely penguin picture
Jimmy and Eloise learning together
Isabelle's fantastic tiger picture
Krystian and his new friend the tiger
Erin doing her super maths work
Jimmy number hunting. Happy Birthday!
CHarlie R's fabulous robot models.
Harper's amazing tiger picture.
Henry completing his newspaper article.
Kyan and his show and tell robot models
Krystian using Adjectives to describe his toy
Charlie T creating 5 car long traffic jams
Erins lovely newspaper article. It's really neat!
Charlie T number spotting outside on his walk
Billy completing the Joe Wicks work out
Charlie R counting groups outside

School Updates