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Outdoor learning

Can you make a symmetrical butterfly using different leaves?


Look at the examples below.

Good consolidation of the maths learning for Foundation Stage children.

Foundation Stage children will enjoy this and it refers to some of things we have already learnt about! Short Stories for Kids | Learn about Australia

Amazing Australia

Today we are going to be finding out about a famous building in Australia called the Sydney Opera House.

It is in one of Australia's largest cities , Sydney.

Here is a picture of The Sydney Opera House and a map of Australia. Can you find Sydney on the map?

Click on the link below to watch the Go Jetters on a global adventure.

Glitch turns the Opera House into an opera boat.

Kids View: Sydney Opera House . Watch the video to find out what the Sydney Opera House is like.

Read through the PowerPoint with an adult to find out about The Sydney Opera House.(Year 1 and 2)

Year 2 Reading Comprehension about The Sydney Opera House. You might need an adult to support you as this is intended for slightly older children.

All you need is some paper plates to make a Sydney Opera House picture!

Or follow the instructions to draw your own picture of The Sydney Opera House. You could write some facts too.

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