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Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning Year 4! 


I am glad it's nearly the weekend, are you? 

The weather is getting nice and sunny again.

Let's hope it lasts a little bit longer this time, it would be great to see the adventures you are getting up to! 


Our plan today; 

Morning work - Spelling test 

English - Grammar 

Maths - Hundredths on a number line 

Computing - Coding 

Topic - Runes 

Class read - Story choice challenge - EXTREME READING. 


Extreme reading challenge is you showing me a really fun/silly/odd reading opportunity. 

I have done this before, seen children reading on the trampolines, while gaming, in the paddling pool. 

Have some fun and show me what you get up to! 

Spelling test 

Test yourself on your spelling words. 


Miss Kaur's spellings 

Statutory words (Year 3/4 list) 












Mr Hill's spellings 

Common exception words








I have not set new spellings for next week, but will do a 'surprise' test for you to complete for me next week. 



Today we are continuing looking at apostrophes. 

As you know we often use apostrophes to show contractions, where two words have been pushed together to make one. 

But you can also have apostrophes when to show the possession of an thing or item. e.g. Miss Kaur's teddy bear. As it belongs to Miss Kaur the apostrophe comes before the s. 


I have attached a link to the BBC website to help explain this better and then would like you to complete the sheets from your learning pack. 

Main task


Today's learning is linked to hundredths being shown on a Place Value Grid. 

I have been told wonderful things by parents about how you have been working hard with the learning and many of you are really doing well. 


Today there is just the main task, so have a go! 

Topic - Write your name in Viking Runes!


Today we are going to continue learning to coding. As I said last time, coding is really important, as it's because of amazing people who code that I am able to provide learning to you in this way. 


I have included a link to different 'Hour of Code' activities that you can have a go at. When you go on the website it will tell you to what to do to complete different challenges and will get slightly harder the higher the levels you go on the activity activity.


Can you guess which one I had a go at and completed? 


Hour of Code activities 

Frozen theme 

Minecraft theme

Star wars theme

Angry Birds theme

Looking for something ELSE? 


Rob Biddulph drawing is great fun! 

Have a go... I've included the links to some of my favourites 

#DrawWithRob 16 Parsley the Lion

#DrawWithRob 18 Unicorn

#DrawWithRob 2 Sausage Dog

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