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Today we are looking at comparing old and new toys.


Look at the first Powerpoint below together and talk through the slides with your child.


Talk about toys you had when you were younger and some of the things that weren't invented then. 


Then use the second Powerpoint and play the game, asking your child to identify if the toy is old or new.



Today we are looking at sharing items between two groups or more.


Go to the website below and then explain that we need to make sure that the bones are shared fairly between the dogs. Model giving one bone to each dog at a time. Then ask your child to complete some of the scenarios independently.




Today we are learning the sound 'v'.


First, go to and login using the username ThythornEYFS and the password thythorn.


Click on Resources and click on the Flashcard Game. Click on Phase 2.


Ask your child to call out the sounds as they see them.


After that, model how to write 'v' to your child, explaining that we 'go down the vulture's wing and up the other wing.'


Ask your child to practise writing the sound until they are confident.


Then go back to and find Buried Treasure, click on Phase 3 and then click on V. Ask your child to sound out and blend the words and then identify if they or real or fake.

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