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Week beginning 06.12.21

Monday 6th December 2021



In maths today we are learning about the 3 times tables.


Watch these videos and sing along!







In English this week we are still looking at the book 'The Wild'. Complete the activity below!


Topic/ Art

This week we are going to be learning about the beaker people from the Bronze Age. Can you draw and decorate your own beaker pot?


Tuesday 7th December 2021


Today in class we are learning about multiplying by 4. 

Watch these videos below!



Give the following worksheet a go.








Listen to "Wild" again by Emily Hughes on Youtube.

Can you retell the story in your own words?



Can you create a poster including the names of all your favourite bands?


 Give this workout video a go in your lounge!



Wednesday 7th December 2021 


In todays lesson we are learning to divide by 4. Watch the video below and give the math worksheets a go!







Watch a video of  the book again on Youtube.




Thursday 9th December 2021


Today we are learning the 4 times table. Listen to these youtube videos and sing along.



Give the worksheets below a go!









In English today we are learning about 'exciting adjectives'. Using a thesaurus at home/ an online thesaurus fill out the following worksheet.




Friday 10th December 2021


Christmas decorations day! 


I know you can't be in school to enjoy the decoration day, so I have some very specific instructions. 


Get creative! 

Make your own Christmas themed ideas based on what you have at home! 


Candy canes out of paper 

An angel or wreathe using a paper plate 

Ask a grown up to help you to make some cookies 




This afternoon I want you to put some Christmas music on, have a little dance and then snuggle up for a film. Find the best CHRISTMAS themed film of ALL TIME. 








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