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WEEK 10/05

Tuesday 11th May


1 - Read your reading books for 20 minutes.

2 - Practice your spelling words for this week.

3 - Put each word into a sentence. Remember careful punctuation and handwriting.

4 - Spend some time working on the homework task , making an owl poster (information about this was sent home on Friday)


This week we are recapping on dividing and we are starting by sharing. 

Watch the maths video  and have a go at the questions.

Spr2.3.1 - Make equal groups - sharing (recap)


Wednesday 12th May


1 - Practise your spellings for the test on Thursday.

2 - We have just finished reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. 

Write a short book review about the book. Include a few sentences to explain what the story is about , your favourite part and why and if you would recommend this book to other children. You can also draw some pictures.


Watch the teaching video and have a go at the questions.


1-Make sure you follow the science lesson that was on yesterday's page.

2 - Can you make a labelled picture of a flowering plant to show the different parts. You could also include pictures to show what the plant needs to grow.








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