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Friday 21/01


First of all do your spelling test for this week:

Now practise this week's spellings which are below.  Are there any patterns in the spellings that you can spot? Do you know what all of the words mean? Can you write each one in a sentence? Can you draw a picture with the letters of the word in?


This week we are looking back at column subtraction - watch the video if you need a reminder.  Complete the questions below (If you fancy a challenge try the missing number questions) and once finished use a calculator to check your answers. 

Get Moving!

Whilst the rest of us go swimming - if you are feeling up to it try some of these to get your body moving!


This week we are thinking about separating mixtures.  Watch the video to find out more.

Now write and/or draw how you would separate these mixtures:

  • Salty water
  • Rice, flour and sand
  • Flour in water
  • Paperclips and coins


Which equipment might you use? Will there be more than 1 step to your separation process? What do you already know about these materials that will help you decide what to do?

You might use some of these to help:

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