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Monday 22nd February

To receive feedback on your learning please share your work with your class teacher throughout the day on Seesaw.

Email:  Miss Shepherd:

Zoom session tomorrow

Tuesday 23rd February 10am

Reading focus- Bring a reading book or a favourite book to share and read.




►Good morning and today's timetable

Good morning Year 2

►Reading comprehension

Complete one of the reading comprehension tasks below. 

Remember to try and read for at least 20 minutes a day and to  record your reading sessions in your yellow reading diary.smiley



Make sure that you post your maths work on Seesaw for me to look at and mark.

1- Complete your maths starter , some addition revision. 

2- Go to the main part of the maths lesson. Watch the teaching video before completing the task.

3 - Want to stretch your maths brain further ? Have a go at the challenge.

( Purple level maths should have a go at the challenge.)*

Main maths lesson


Click the star for the maths challenge.

It's all about multiplication today!


►Spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Today our lesson is all about using commas in a list.

1 - Follow the lesson with Miss Shepherd.

2 - Watch the short BBC clips video.

3 - Complete the task.


Here are our spellings for this week.

We will have our spelling test on Friday.

They are all words that we should be spelling correctly in our work.

said   when    they    went    of     some     come   with   was   very 


suddenly   circle    aeroplane   balloon  invention 

1. Follow the commas in a list lesson with Miss Shepherd.

3. Complete one of the commas in a list tasks below.



Follow the handwriting lesson with Miss Shepherd.




Listen to the voice recording to find out what we will be learning about and what you are going to do.

Listen to the explanation.

1. Let's start the next part of our topic Land , air and water!

2. Click the link below to take you to the next part of our topic lesson.

3. Click here for the topic task. (explained in the voice recording)



Beegu read by the author Alexis Deacon. 

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