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TUES 5/5

Good morning all. Well done on the correct answers to the register quiz....first correct one was Amelia! 

Click to hear...

> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - live from 9am
Start your day (or workout later) with The Body Coach - Joe Wicks. Today Joe's wife will be demonstrating the workouts as Joe is injured. Click below...
Fancy a different kind of wake me up - 3x Table Dance? Click below...
> MATHS - multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits

Our Maths session will use a video to teach us and this will ask you to pause from time to time to answer questions. The questions are on a worksheet that you can view on your screen. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.
You will use the worksheet and the video together.


Click below to download the worksheet onto your screen. (it does not need to be printed)


Click below to watch the teaching video and pause when it asks you to answer the questions. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.

Ask a grown-up to check or mark your work yourself using the answers below.
> COMPUTING - programming logo

We have used logo before.

It is a computer programming language to control something on the screen. The last time we used it we programmed a way out of a maze....

Today we are going to program our on screen character to follow a set of instructions set by Mr Smyton.

The video below explains what to do. The set of instructions for you to follow are below the video.

Click now to watch the video...


  1. Place your character on the UK (you can change character if you wish)
  2. Set pen colour to your choice
  3. Go SOUTH to France
  4. Go EAST to Hungary
  5. Go NORTH to Poland
  6. Go WEST to Germany
  7. Go SOUTH to Italy
  8. Go WEST to SPAIN
  9. Go NORTH EAST to France
  10. Go NORTH to the UK
  11. Save your work using your name.

So, yesterday you worked out which way is North, South, East and West from your house. You may have made a are some pictures of ones Lewis, Mason, Albion, Jakub and Lois made and sent to me.

You explored where Aylmerton is East from Leicester... close to the coast and seaside places like Cromer and Runton.

When you go to Aylmerton you will do a lot of work with compasses and maps. You will look at things like the weather and the tides and the coast.


Today we are going to use our knowledge of the compass to make something to measure one aspect of the weather.... the wind.

Click to watch this video first...

So....can we make a device to measure from which direction the wind is blowing?... This might help us to predict what type of weather might follow...


Your task is to build a wind vane.

Today I am going to set you the challenge of being creative and inventive and I would like to see a picture of your creation. I am not going to tell you exactly how to build one but what I will do is explain how it works and give you some examples to look's then over to you.....

Click to watch this film next...

So...engineers.... can you build a wind direction measurer... a wind vane? Can you take it outside and if there is a breeze see which direction it is coming from? Please send me a picture of your finished product.

You will of course need to know which direction is NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST so that you can line it up correctly... but... you worked that out yesterday laugh (or check with a compass app on your phone or tablet).

Here are some examples to inspire you....

We can continue to enjoy another story written and read by David Walliams. Find somewhere to relax comfortably and enjoy...
Is David Walliams not to your taste? indecision
If not, then visit our audio library where you can listen to books such as Harry Potter and a whole library of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.


yesDid you do last week's challenge: Barefoot Zoo? Click below....
yesAre you reading regularly and updating your orange diary?...Remember we are aiming for 250 reads this year and a special certificate.
yesA parent asked if it is ok to use your white Maths and English CGP Homework books for extra practice of things you've been learning? Yes it is smiley
yesHave you sent Mr Smyton at least one email a week? I love to hear from you smiley
yesRemember too that SUMDOG is available (see main Year 5 page). If you stick with it for a while it while it tests you it will then use artificial intelligence to teach you at your own level!

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