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Tuesday 21st April 2020

START THE DAY WITH FLUENT IN FIVE - but from now on it is TEN! So unfair Ms H! :O




Last term I introduced you to one of Jane's writing tasks and this term we are going to be using them a lot more.


Lesson with Jane:


Today's short film clip is very emotive. It is a tale of perseverance; when the going gets tough and finding solutions, as well as friendship; in the end how you can rely on others and they can rely on you.

When you watch the film clip try to write down all your thoughts and your feelings when you react to events shown - it is this that you need to try to describe and convey to your reader - you should be able to produce some very powerful and emotive writing today. blush


Film clip to watch:


Watch, pause, write, return to Jane later in the day (watch the rest of the YouTube session) and see how your writing compares to others.


Below, please find the 9 chunks of film clip she refers to on the sheet.

Decide which chunk you would like to write your 9 sentences about - yes, just 9 sentences.

I have added her writing paper if you want to use, or you can just write in your exercise book.

Download the Choose Your Chunk plot point map here:

Choose Your Chunk

You can watch it here

Choose Your Chunk plot points

Plot point 1: Best of friends Time: 0:401:16

Plot point 2: Disaster strikes! Time: 1:171:44

Plot point 3: Rescue mission Time: 1:452:35

Plot point 4: Be brave Time: 2:362:59

Plot point 5: Save yourself Time: 3:00- 3:48

Plot point 6: Determination Time: 3:494:26

Plot point 7: Ultimate sacrifice Time: 4:275:10

Plot point 8: Saved by love Time: 5:116:03

Plot point 9: We’ll meet again Time: 6:04 - end

What's your Angle? Are you a pro? Remember to press the back arrow to start at slide 1, and then pause whilst you complete each question.

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