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Thursday 30th April 2020

Miss Kaur's morning message

Click to hear me say HI!

Morning morning Year 4! 


The plan for the day; 

Morning work - Handwriting 

English - vocabulary work 

Maths - Fractions of quantities 

Topics - Alfred the Great 

Story - David Walliams - Fing 

PE with Joe Wicks


Look in your learning pack for this handwriting sheet,

Please complete the vowel combination activity. 


Today we are looking at making an ordinary animal sound extraordinary! 

First I want you to listen to chapter 7 of How to Train your Dragon. 

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here:

In Chapter 7 we learn how Fishlegs claims Hiccup has burgled Toothless from King Daggerfangs, ruler of Wild Dragon Cliff.

Just like Fishlegs, you are going to choose an ordinary object and use descriptive vocabulary to make it sound amazing.

You will exaggerate your chosen animal using exciting adjectives/vocabulary, similes and using synonyms for better word choices. 

e.g. big - huge, massive, enormous, giant 



Have a go at describing this dog and his actions.  


I had a go too;

Playful as a new born lamb, acrobatic Jake jumped higher than a kangaroo to catch the beautiful bouncing ball.


Choose one or two animals and make it sound extraordinary!


Today we are looking at fractions of quantities, quantities means of a number/amount. 

For example I might look for 1/4 of 16 to find out how many cookies I can have and share it equally. 



Please go through the powerpoint presentation and choose the option sheet you would like to complete, you do not need to print the sheet out (the answer page will be at the end of the pdf). 


There is an extension task today, this one is very open ended and can take a while to go through... Good luck! 


Today we are going to look at Anglo-Saxon Kings, specifically Alfred the Great and King Athelstan... 


I'm including links to BBC clip about Alfred the Great, Powerpoint presentation and PDF file which shows the two different Kings. 


I want you to read the information and answer; 

While Alfred was named 'Great', do you think he was? Why do you think this? 

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