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Friday 3rd December

Hello Year 2!

It's Friday and hopefully some of you will be returning to school during next week.

We can't wait to see you!

Here is your home learning for today.

Spelling Test

Every Friday we have our spelling test. Practise your spellings and then ask a grown-up to test you.


Green group -  those      explode       alone         broke        tadpole         backbone         stones      whole       phone     throne


Yellow group - hurt    purse   church    fur    turn     burnt    surf   nurse   curl    turnip


Blue group - rain       tail      wait       sail        pain


Read your school reading book or a book from home for 10 to 15 minutes.


Yesterday we read the Gingerbread man story.

You can remind yourself of the story by following the story being read aloud or reading the story from yesterday. Both links are below.


Task - To draw  a story map for The Gingerbread Man story.

Look at the example below.

Remember the arrows link the different parts of the story.  Once you have drawn your story map, use it to retell the story in your own words. This will help you a lot when we come to plan and write our own versions of the story and is an important skill.



The Gingerbread Man Traditional Tale Children's Story Read aloud

Maths starter

Get that maths brain ready with the Supermovers and the five times tables.


Yesterday we looked at adding ten to a number.

Today we are going to focus on subtracting ten from a number. Remember we can use the hundred square to help us. Look at the purple numbers. The number above a number on the hundred square is 10 less.

 I have subtracted 10. So   43 - 10 = 33     and    27 - 10 = 17. The ones number stays the same but the tens number has changed , it is one ten smaller.

                   3                       7

                 13                     17

                 23                     27

                 33                     37

                 43                     47

We can use the hundred square to help us subtract 10 from a number. See below for a  hundred square.

Another way to work out the answers is to draw the tens and ones and cross one ten off and count what is left.

Can you solve these subtracting  10 questions ?

33  -  10 =                    41 - 10 =               55 - 10 =            13 - 10 =        68 - 10 =             38 - 10 =


79 -10 =                    28 -10 =                86 -10 =            17 - 10 =        90 -10 =           92 - 10 =     101 - 10 =


If you can do these easily see if you can subtract 20 or even 30 from a number.

Think about how you might work this out.





Every Friday afternoon we have assembly and Golden Time.

You can have your own Golden time at home!

You could play with your favourite toys or snuggle down to watch a favourite programme. 

Remember you can also practise our Christmas songs by clicking on the music symbol at the beginning of the this week's page.

Have a good weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.smiley

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