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Year 3 homework

The three types of homework issued in Year 3 are as follows (anything else you do is a bonus!):

  • Regular reading, reading with an adult/older sibling
  • Spelling Frame – online spelling games
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • Just for fun (George giraffe!)




The most important thing you can do at home with your child is read every day with them. Reading and phonics/spelling go hand in hand and directly impact each other so it is important that you are providing your child with a reading experience at home every night even if it is just for ten minutes.


Reading experiences don’t always have to be your child reading to you, it could be you sharing a book with them and reading it, but still asking all the vital prediction and comprehension questions that you would if they were reading to you. Please find time for reading as it is such a vital life skill and the earlier they develop their comprehension and reading skills the more they can access in the future. I can not stress how important reading is, especially at their age as it impacts their phonics, writing, spelling and all other aspects of the curriculum.


Any reading experiences should be recorded within your child's home/school reading diary and numbered if possible so it makes it easier for us to give out the certificates for reaching reading milestones (25,50,75,100,125,150,175,200 etc). Your child's reading diary will be checked by the adults within the class several times a week and they will be provided with opportunities to change their books frequently.


Spelling Frame – online spelling games


Logins for spelling frame are glued on the inside page of your child's reading diary. you can access the site by going to : SpellingFrame


Once on the website your child can access a range of spelling patterns and words containing those patterns. Every word is read aloud. Every word is also broken into syllables (or for EYFS / Year 1 words, phonemes) and these too are read aloud. Every word is also provided in a sentence, and every sentence read aloud, so that children also learn the meanings of the words. It is a great tool for helping children to learn how to spell words whilst playing games and having fun! 

Times Table Rock Stars


Your child will already have a Times Table Rock Star log in and be familiar with this software from use in Year 2. you can access is via this link (or an app if you have downloaded one) :  Times Tables Rock Stars – Times Tables Rock Stars (


In case they have forgotten or lost it, Logins for Times Table Rock Star are glued on the inside page of your child's reading diary. Each child will be expected spend 20 minutes a week on Times Table Rock Stars over the week. This is to help with the fluency of your child's times tables in preparation for year 4 where they will sit a multiplication check which tests their speed and accuracy in knowing their times tables....It's better to start earlier! 

Just for fun! (George the Giraffe!)


You will probably remember George the Giraffe from when the children were in Year 1. George has grown up just like the children, but still likes to come and spend time with them at home. George does not have a diary anymore, but comes with a suitcase containing a reading book (all about Giraffes) for you and you child to share at home. This can count towards your child's reading experiences for the week too! You do not need to document George's visit in any way, so relax, read the book and have fun! George will go home with someone different each week on a Friday and needs to be back in school by the following Monday morning. He can't wait to share his story with the children! 

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