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Thursday 2nd December

Hello Year 2,

Here is your home learning for today.smiley


Today we are starting some new English work about Traditional Tales which are also known as fairy stories. A traditional tale is a story that has been told and re-told for many years  and then becomes a story that many people know. 

Task 1 -  Click on the link below and read the clues with a grown-up. Can you work out the titles of the traditional tales ? 

Task 2 - Much of our work will be based upon the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man and we will be building up to writing our own versions of this story by changing the characters and setting. 

Today I would like you to read this story with a grown up to remind yourself of the different parts.


You might have some traditional tales at home that you could also look at. You could draw some pictures of the different stories that you have or know.


1. Get your maths brain ready by joining in with the two times tables with the Supermovers.

2. Yesterday we looked at finding ten more and ten less than a number.

Today we are going to focus on adding ten to a number. Remember we can use the hundred square to help us, as we go down the the columns we are adding 10 , look at my example.   The ones number stays the same but the tens number increases by one ten each time. 






We can use the hundred square to help us add 10 to a number. See below for a  hundred square.

Can you solve these adding 10 questions ?

34 + 10 =                    41 + 10 =               55 + 10 =            13 + 10 =        68 + 10 =             5 + 10 =


79 + 10 =                    28 + 10 =                86 + 10 =            17 + 10 =        90 + 10 =           92 + 10 =


Can you discuss the reasoning problem with a grown-up ? (click the link below)


Last week in our RE lesson we learnt about advent. Today we are going to be learning about Christingles and what they represent.

1 - Read through the powerpoint with a grown-up.

2- Complete the labelling activity.

For this weeks spellings please see Tuesday's page.

Also links to PhonicsPlay and PurpleMash on Tuesday's page.

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