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Week beginning 17.1.22


Spr4.1.3 - Factor pairs

This is "Spr4.1.3 - Factor pairs" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Today's lesson is linked to Geography. 

We are going to use 'Google Earth' to help us to look at different types of settlements 


The main types being;






Can you find different types based on the information the map shows? 

Name them for me! 



Look at the powerpoint presentation and then have a go at the sheet attached 


Spr4.1.4 - Efficient multiplication

This is "Spr4.1.4 - Efficient multiplication" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Chapter 4 - The Space-Being and the Iron Man

Click to listen to this part of the Iron Man, you will need it for the lesson today.

English - poster for disaster

Tuesday's English lesson about natural disasters and empathy

Chris Mould: draw The Iron Man

In this episode, Chris Mould tells us all about his role as illustrator for our new edition of Ted Hughes' The Iron Man.




Today we are creating an oral news report about the landing of the Space - Bat - Angel - Dragon. 


The story makes it sound horrible ; 

It took several days to cover the distance. Then, for one awful night, its wings seemed to be filling most of the sky. The moon peered fearfully from low on the skyline and all the people of earth stayed up, gazing in fear at the huge black movement of wings that filled the night. Next morning it landed – on Australia. Barrrump! The shock of its landing rolled round the earth like an earthquake, spilling teacups in London, jolting pictures off walls in California, cracking statues off their pedestals in Russia. The thing had actually landed – and it was a terrific dragon. Terribly black, terribly scaly, terribly knobbly, terribly horned, terribly hairy, terribly clawed, terribly fanged, with vast indescribably terrible eyes, each one as big as Switzerland. There it sat, covering the whole of Australia, its tail trailing away over Tasmania into the sea, its foreclaws on the headlands of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Luckily, the mountains and hills propped its belly up clear of the valleys, and the Australians could still move about in the pitch darkness, under this new sky, this low queer covering, of scales. They crowded towards the light that came in along its sides. Of course, whoever had been on a mountain-top when the dragon landed had been squashed flat. Nothing could be done about them. And there the horror sat, glaring out over the countries of the world. What had it come for? What was going to happen to the world now this monstrosity had arrived? Everybody waited.


Can you record yourself giving a newspaper report being a person IN Australia under the dragon? 



Today we are just recapping Factor pairs


I would like you to have a go at the sheet in the link below



We are looking at classification of animals into their groups

Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Birds and Amphibians 


Look at this BBC Bitesize Page for more information 



Strange but true... 

Look at this reading comprehension and have a go at the questions 



Kids Yoga and Mindfulness about CATS! 😻😻😻

A purr-fect mix of cat themed yoga and mindfulness for all you kitty kat fans! This magical mix will have you meeting our favourite acrobatic cat - Parsnip


Spr4.1.5 - Written methods

This is "Spr4.1.5 - Written methods" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Today we are looking at greetings in French

Can you sing along in French and have a go at saying the different greetings? 


BBC French




In class we are spending a little more time working on the written methods for multiplication 

Have a go at the sheet you want to try below! 

Red is easier 

Blue is the main class challenge 

Yellow is the hardest! 


The answers are attached at the end of the pdf. 



We are going to look at the features of a newspaper report 

I've added a link to the BBC website which goes through what a newspaper report would include. 


Then I want you to have a go at highlighting the features you find based on the news report about Little Red Riding Hood. 


The sheet asks you to underline the features in colour pencils smiley




Today's PE lesson is DANCE! 

Just click on the video and have some fun making up your own moves 

BBC Bitesize Dance

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