Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Foundation Stage Maths and English

Let's practise some of the tricky words. These are words that we just have to learn by sight.

Join in with the tricky word song.



Look at the picture. It could be from The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Write some sentences about what you can see.

You might be able to use some adjectives to describe what you can see.

Have a go at spelling words on your own by sounding them out.

I can see a ......................

I can see some................


Over the last couple of days we've been practising the number pairs that make 10.Do you know any of them off by heart?

Practise them with an adult and play the hiding game.

Get 10 objects.

Adult explain that there are 10 objects but you are hiding some.You could put some under a bowl or cup

Let your child count how many are not hiding.

Can they work out how many you are hiding?

Encourage them to count on.

Everytime they get one correct award them a point.

Can they get 5 points?



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