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Thursday 30th April

Good Morning!

Hello! We miss you!

Knicky Knacky Knocky Knoo - A song to get you moving and your think tanker ready!



Tens and ones

Can you write the numbers ? Think carefully there be might a couple of questions to trick you!For each question write the number. This is a quick starter!!! But if you find it tricky then draw the tens and ones to help. I've done the first one for you.

Click on the star for the answers.

1)   3 tens and 5 ones       1) 35

2)   5 tens and   6 ones

3)  7 tens

4) 2 tens and 9 ones

5) 6 ones and 4 tens

6) 9 ones and  2 tens

7) 8 tens and 3 ones and 3 more ones

8) 1 ten and 1 one

9) 10 tens

10) 10 tens and 5 ones

Main part of maths lesson

This week we have looked at division by sharing and division by grouping. This can all get a bit confusing! But in Year 2 we have to learn about both. So watch the short video below where a little girl girl called Amber explains sharing and grouping very clearly. It might be a good idea to watch it twice. On the second time try and draw the pictures with her in your book as this will help you with the task.

Division as sharing and grouping

In our video this week we use counters to help children understand both division as sharing and division as grouping

Maths task

For each division calculation I would like you to show a picture for sharing and a picture for grouping. You can use objects to help. Look at my example below.

Even if you can do these questions mentally I would like you to draw a picture to show sharing and grouping to show that you understand the difference between them.

Do you notice anything about the numbers?

Discuss it with your grown-up.



yesRemember you need to show 2 pictures for each question , one for sharing and one for grouping.

8 ÷ 2 =

10 ÷ 2 =

6 ÷ 3

5 ÷ 1 = 

What do you notice about your pictures for this one ? 9 ÷ 3 =      

12 ÷ 4 =

10 ÷ 5 =

15 ÷ 3 =

6 ÷ 6 =


CHALLENGES - discuss your thinking with a grown-up

1.  I have 24p in 2p coins. How many 2p coins do I have?

2.  I have 30 sweets to put in 10 party bags. If I share them equally , how many sweets will I put in each party bag?

3. Sam puts his toy cars into 2 equal groups. In each group there is more than 10 but less than 15. 

How many cars could he have altogether ?

(There is more than one answer)




A note for parents- some parents have expressed to me that their children are finding the online English lessons tricky to follow. Yesterday I was in school and worked through it with some children and they did find the stopping and starting tricky and sometimes it was hard to follow what the teacher wanted them to do. So I've decided not to use them for the rest of the week. However if you would like  to continue to follow them with your child you can go to the link on yesterday's page and access the next lesson by going to the schedule for week 1 and choosing lesson 4 and then lesson 5. 



1 - Ask a grown-up to give you a quick spelling test on the words that you've been practising this week.

child     children      kind      mind     find      behind     floor       poor   door        because


2 - Yesterday we started to learn about the features of instructions. Today we are going to carry on thinking about how to write instructions. Look below at the pictures. I have also included a voice clip to talk you through what you are going to do.

Task to write a short set of instructions using the picture prompts for the different steps. Listen before you start.



Listen and look at the pictures , clicking on the picture makes it bigger.


1. Listen to the book being read by clicking on the video below.It is all about how different fruits protect a plants seeds and help the plant spread its seeds to new places. It explains it really well and the pictures are lovely.


2. Make sure a grown-up helps you with this task. 

Cut a few different pieces of fruit in half and look carefully at the seeds inside.If it is a fruit with the seeds on the outside then you don't need to cut it.

Take a page in your book and draw some careful pictures to show what they look like. Look at my example below.

A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds Read Aloud

Ready Read Alouds


Last week we looked at sculptures made from natural materials.

This week we are going to learn about weaving. You will need some adult help to have a go at this activity and to get you started.

Click here to read and follow the art lesson.

James and the giant peach will continue tomorrow.


Make sure that you fit in some reading time today. Remember you can choose online books to read from Oxford Owl.

Click on the link below.

Username - best

Password - class

Then go to the bookshelf and choose a book from ages 5-6 , 6-7 or 7-8.

School Updates