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Diary Writing

Remember diary writing is a good way of recording the events of the day and recording your thoughts and feelings.

You are going to write about yesterday , so you will need to think about what you did and how you were feeling.

Your heading will be

Tuesday 30th  June


Try and write at least 6 to 8 sentences making sure that you use careful punctuation and handwriting.

Here is my diary entry for yesterday

Try and include conjunctions in your writing to extend and join your sentences. Can you see my conjunctions? I've highlighted them.

I've also highlighted some of the punctuation I've used.

Tuesday 30th June

I woke up feeling energetic so I put on my running clothes, trainers and gloves.I went for a quick run to the park near where I live. As I was running through the park I saw a grey rabbit hopping around but as soon as it saw me it ran away! When I got home I made a few phone calls and then checked my emails. It was great to see some photos of Toby and Amelia working hard at home. In the afternoon I walked to the shops because I needed to buy my nephew a birthday card. I was really pleased because there wasn't a queue outside the shop! I really wish that I could see my class and all the children at Thythorn Field Primary school! I wonder what all the children are doing today?

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