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MON 27/4


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Zayaan says hello...

(If at anytime you wish to send an audio message to the know what to do ... send it to me and I will post it on our pages laugh)

The pictures, videos and emails keep coming and I LOVE to see them!
I thought I would share with you some of the excellent PE that you are all doing whilst on lockdown!

...and what about the Phases of the Moon with Oreos!!! Great fun everyone...yum yum!

> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - live from 9am
Start your day (or workout later) with The Body Coach - Joe Wicks. Click below...
Fancy a different kind of wake me up? Click below...

> MATHS - adding decimals

Our Maths session will use a video to teach us and this will ask you to pause from time to time to answer questions. The questions are on a worksheet that you can view on your screen. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.
You will use the worksheet and the video together.


Click below to download the worksheet onto your screen. (it does not need to be printed)


Click below to watch the teaching video and pause when it asks you to answer the questions. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.

Ask a grown-up to check or mark your work yourself using the answers below.
> ENGLISH - newspaper report

Today we are going to write a newspaper report.

Click below to learn how to write a newspaper report.

I would like you to:

  • Do the Learn Section
  • Do the Practise Section Activity One only
  • Then come back here

I would like you to write a newspaper article about The Moon Landing

What might the newspaper headline have been and what would the article have said in 1969?

You can find a video below with all the information you need for your to view it.

Before you start writing, make sure you can answer the 5 Ws.

  • Who was there?
  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?
  • When did it happen?

Make sure you include the features you learnt about in the lesson.

You can create a template like the one below to write it on or you can log into Purple Mash -> Tools -> 2Publish Plus and create it online with one of the newspaper templates.
Start by listening to a story read by a real astronaut out in Space. It is a story all about sunsets and leads nicely into the learning that follows:

With all our Science work about the planets, the Solar System, the Moon and the Sun it would be worth spending a little time understanding how the way the Earth moves in Space affects our life here on Earth.

  • Do you know why some countries are hot and others are cold?
  • Do you know why we have day and night?
  • Do you know why we have the seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring?
  • Do you know why days are shorter in the winter and longer in the summer?

It is all to do with the way the Earth moves in Space!

Watch the film below to help you understand:

Below are some further videos you can watch if you would like help to understand...

In school we might investigate how sunlight falls on the Earth like this:

We would shine a torch on the Earth in a dark room. We would see that it is brighter (hotter) on the equator around the middle...and dimmer/colder on the Poles. We would see how night and day happens as the Earth spins.

If you have a torch or a lamp and a ball you could try this at home in a dark place.


I know that so many of you have been clapping each Thursday for our key workers and are displaying Rainbows for the NHS. Here is a photo of Georgia's window she sent me on Friday:

I know too that lots of you have made donations or undertaken challenges to raise money for charities and the NHS at this time. Lewis TS shared some wonderful fund raising he did with me and Lois shared a very thoughtful letter she had written to the NHS.

I am sure you have heard about Captain Tom Moore - a 99 year old man who set out to raise £1000 for the NHS by walking laps in his garden - which was a difficult challenge at his age. He wanted to walk 100 laps over a few weeks to raise £1000 before he was 100 years old.

Well....everybody was inspired by his story. So many people wanted to sponsor him and now, as a result he has walked the 100 laps and so far raised an unbelievable £29,000,000 (29 million pounds!)

Click below to read more about his incredible story.

Well Captain Tom Moore turns 100 years old on Thursday 30th April (this Thursday).

Wouldn't it be nice to make him, and send him, a birthday card to say thank you and Happy 100th birthday?

Could you make him a card, using your wonderfully creative skills, include a nice message and then post it to him?


Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA

We can continue to enjoy another story written and read by David Walliams. Find somewhere to relax comfortably and enjoy...
Is David Walliams not to your taste? indecision
If not, then visit our audio library where you can listen to books such as Harry Potter and a whole library of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.



yesDid you do the weekly challenge last week? If not you can click here to try it.

yesDon't forget TTRockstars, Numbots or Sumdog! See the main Year 5 page.

yesSometime before you go to bed find 10-15 minutes to read a book...somewhere quiet. Record it in your orange Reading Diary.

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