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I know this is not quite how we normally learn, but I will make sure our lessons each day, are as close to our normal classroom learning as possible. Please email me with your work if you can, I would like to hear from all of you to see how you are getting on!

Ready? Let's go!

Today's Timetable


Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

Thursday 12th November


PE with

Joe Wicks 


5 Times Table practise

Maths – Multiplying


English  - Much Ado About Nothing study


 Reading time (15mins)

Topic – mask designs



► PE 

Lets start by getting moving! 


Wake Up With Joe


Start by practising the 5 times table



This week we have been studying Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing' 

Yesterday we explored the story in 10 parts. Today we will:-

  • reread the 10 parts and discuss those with an adult (if you can) 
  • Create 'flock of birds' movement for some of the sections from the 10 parts
  • Draw cartoon drawings to illustrate what is happening in the play

► So start off by rereading the 10 parts below. You can also watch the cartoon which we have already seen...


► 'Flock of Birds' Movement. Yesterday we started to explore this action, in school Ied while you followed me. You can still try it on your own, or get a grown up to join in if they can!

We only tried it for one part, today I want you to try for yourself to show movement for a different part from the 10. You might enjoy trying to show Don John and his evil ways towards Claudio. You might like to try to show Benedick feeling cross towards his friend Claudio and challenging him to a duel. Remember movement is meant to be slow and with no words. 

Here is the video to remind you how it is created...

Flock of Birds

► Cartoon drawing.  Now I would like you to create a 10 part cartoon drawing of the play, using the 10 parts to help you draw. You can also add speech and thought bubbles for the characters in each of your drawings. 

→ Divide a piece of paper into 10 parts, using a ruler. 

→ Draw your play and add character speech and thoughts

→ Add colour to your work













Please read your reading book for 15 minutes 



At the start of the play 'Much Ado About Nothing' the characters go to a party at Leonato's house to celebrate winning a battle. During Shakespeare's plays, when it was parties he would create masks for the characters to wear covering their face. Disguise can give the freedom to a character to act how they like and a chance for them to show their views. 

► Today we are going to choose one character from the play - you choose your favourite. 

► We are going to design a mask for that character that shows how they behave or who they are. 

Here are some examples:-

Write an explanation of why you designed your mask like that and what it represents. 

I have attached a mask outline below, but you can draw your own if you prefer! I would love you to send a photo of your mask - maybe with you wearing it! 

STORYTIME - The boy who switched off the Sun by Paul Brown Read by Kim

Well done Year 3! Same time again tomorrow for more learning. 

laugh Mrs Boyd  laugh

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