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Friday 5th March

►Good morning and today's timetable

Good morning Year 2! A voice message.

Let's start the day with a song to put us all in a good mood!


Here is a a simple explanation about what school will be like when the children return. It might be helpful for children that are feeling a bit anxious to have a little read of. 

Click the link below.


Today I am going to go through the worksheet with you as a few of you found it quite tricky yesterday.

Please don't worry , we will be going over halves and quarters when we are back in school.

Today have an explore of ICT games and play some of the maths games for your starter.

New Recording - 04/03/2021, 20:35:19

Friday's maths work with Miss Shepherd


Today I am challenging you to learn a short poem off by heart ?

This means that you can recite (say)  the poem without looking at the words!

The poem I would like you to learn is below and is all about a frog.

You can also listen to me reciting the poem.

Why not record yourself reciting the poem on Seesaw , that would be great!

Miss Shepherd reciting the poem

►Spelling test

Today is our spelling test.

Please ask a grown-up to test you on the words that you have been practising. The words are below.

Post your spelling test on Seesaw for me to see.


Blue words

me  we  he  she  be  go  no  so  his  her

Green and purple words

softly   loudly   slowly   proudly   nicely  quickly   crossly   madly   sadly   neatly

Challenge words

quietly  anxiously  happily  silently  smoothly

►Finishing off

Are there pieces of work that you haven't completed this week?

You could use some of your time to go back through the week and do one or two things that you didn't manage. Have a think ,  for example ........

Did you make the mini book?(Thursday) Did you do the computing task? (Tuesday) Did you complete the work about Amy Johnson? (Friday) Did you make a book mark ? (Tuesday) Did you make a parachute and test it ? (Monday) Did you follow the science lesson ? (Wednesday)



I thought that we would end the week with one of our favourite stories 'Baby Brains' It always makes a lot of us laugh!

Baby Brains

Golden time

Every Friday we have Golden Time in school. It is our reward for working hard all week. We can choose what we would like to do from playing games , using construction kits , dressing up , arty activities and lots more.

Have your own Golden Time at home.smileyyes



►Mr Smyton's assembly

School Updates