Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Foundation Stage

Hello, EYFS! I'm excited to be setting your home learning again for the final week of the year! I look forward to seeing what you get up to.


Mrs Wills smiley

Transition Work


This week we are thinking about our year in EYFS and the journey that we have been on.


Today I would like you to look through your Tapestry Learning Journal with an adult and talk about the entries that are in there. Reflect on everything that you have achieve this year and how much you have grown and progressed.



This week we are revising our phonics from the last few weeks.


Begin by writing down all of the sounds that we have learnt (these can be found on Tapestry) on pieces of paper or postits.


Play a game of splat where you call out a sound and your child has to point it out before you do.


Add some challenge by swapping roles and asking your child to call out the sounds.



Today we are practising recognising pairs. Search around your house for things which come in pairs. How many things can you find?


Write a list or take a photograph of everything that you find which comes in pairs.


School Updates