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Year 5 – Monday 1st March 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading

Zoom– 11am – reading focus, bring a book.






Mindfulness through yoga.

Mental Maths warm up


Lines of Symmetry

The story of Lego – video and comprehension



Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce


Monday slide




The future of transport.  Sustainability and environmentally friendly transport



Today is 'Rainbow' yoga with Adriene and Bengy.  Move and stretch along with her to brighten up your mind.  Maybe be wear lots of different colours to get in the colourful mindset. smiley 

Rainbow Yoga 🌈 Yoga For All Ages! 🌈 Yoga With Adriene




       ► Mental starter

Lines of symmetry - this is a recap lesson to build on previous learning and get you ready for new learning.

At the end of the video it says to go to BBC Bitesize for the worksheet.  Please ignore this, as I've put the sheet below.
Once you have watched the video, please complete the sheet.  I have also included a sheet of squared paper below for you to download or print off so that you can draw, accurately, the shapes in the video.  Please use a ruler (or anything with a straight edge) to complete all the work this week - you can't show symmetry or reflection with a wonky line!

Blue challenge - complete all questions.

Green challenge - complete all questions and 1 extension question.

Purple challenge - complete all questions and continue onto the challenge below.




I'm very excited about English today.  Please watch the fabulous animated video about the history and development of Lego.  You have then got comprehension questions to answer about the video.  There's two ways you could go about answering these:

1.  Make notes about the video as you watching, jotting down names, dates, places and any points of interest.

2.  Watch the video once to familiarise yourself with it.  Then on the second watch, have the questions next to you and press pause as you hear the answer, so you can write it down.


Which ever way you go about answering the questions - Please write in full, punctuated sentences.  Even if the answer is 1 word, use the question in your answer to structure it.

e.g.  If the question is "What year does the story begin?".  The answer would be '1932'.  BUT, you will write:

The Lego story began in 1932.


You can write your answers on paper or type them straight into Seesaw.  Enjoy.

The LEGO® Story



Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce





Watch the demonstration video for our five words to help practise our handwriting for today.  Write each word, fully joined, five times each.  They are tricky words to write and spell, so take your time.  These words are ones that year 5 common exception words (meaning they don't fit into a spelling pattern).  Please check you write them spelt correctly, as I say in the classroom, otherwise you are teaching yourself the wrong spelling.

Handwriting demonstration.



This afternoon we are going to reflect on how transport has developed and changed since horse and carts and canal barges.  We are then going to zip into the future to consider sustainable travel.  Over this week, I will set you tasks that will build up to us designing (and if you have the resources) modelling a prototype of your enviromentally sound transport.  Please only complete the tasks as I set them each day as the preparation and learning is as important as the make.

Watch my information and lesson input video and I will explain today's task.  The link for the sheet is below or you can create a table in Seesaw.

I want you to reflect on your knowledge of transport; and complete your ideas on the sheet under the headings Transport: ‘What we know’, ‘What we would like to know’ and for reflection later on, ’What we have learned.’ You can develop this by interviewing family members from different generations or use books and the internet to conduct further research.

You can also create a mind map on a specific form of transport that you have a keen interest in.

Lesson information and explanation.

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