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Easter holidays and Week 3 of home learning photos.

Hair dye using tissue paper!
Let's dye that hair!
Wow! Look at the results!
Camping out on the trampoline.
Busy with the maths starter.
Busy writing in the sun!
A fantastic stick sculpture!
Look at all the natural things used!
Wow! An amazing story Joshua.
Joshua's Jack and the beanstalk story.
Great concentration doing her maths work!
Joshua's super story map.
A careful story map. Well done!
A great stick sculpture.
Waiting patiently!
A lovely sunflower by Joshua.
Enjoying a swing in the sun.Lovely!
A super story Hollie.
Wow! Well done Hollie.
Look at all of those sunflower seedlings1
Look one of Hollie's carrot tops is growing!
A super stick den. What a sculpture!
A great story Matilda.
How cute! Two bunny rabbits and a dog!
Esme's seed collection! All ready to grow.
Enjoying the garden and planting seeds.
Look at what I'm holding!
Samuel's stick sculptures. A family of hedgehogs!
Recapping the parts of a plant.
A great working area!
Lots of work Remington.
Great English skills by Remington.
Suffix ly by Remington
Tabitha has been getting creative!
A great George and the dragon picture.
Designed by Tabitha.
Joshua's picture. Super!
Great English skills by Tabitha.
Look at the pretty blossom on this tree!
Hollie's brilliant sunflower picture!
 Partitioning a number in different wayS.
Good idea to make your own tens and ones!
Busy gardening!
By Mrs Archibald's daughter , Lauren !!!!
By Mrs Archiblad's daughter , Tia !!!!!
A great poster to support the NHS.
Wow! Cardboard hands and nails!
Super work and what a lovely dress!
Time for a bit of pampering!
Planting lots of seeds.
What a lot of Easter treats!
Super work in maths using tens and ones.
Super plant work by Poppy.
Busy with dad.
A lovely sunflower by Samuel.
Being creative ! Tie dyeing.
Look tie dyed feet too!
Wow! What a lot of Easter treats.
Scootering is so much fun.
Hard at work , recapping on the parts of a plant.
A super sunflower picture.
Out for a bike ride.
Who is that climbing a tree?
A beuatiful sunflower!
It's dress up Friday with Joe Wicks!
Ava's wonderful picture of her dog Alfie.
A brilliant rainbow bunny made for nanny.
George's super suffix work. Great handwriting too!
Wow! That looks like tricky maths work.
Lovely, careful science work  by George
Busy at work in the garden.
Snuggle time.
A way to remember lockdown.
I see a hedgehog in Lily's garden.
Easter pancakes in Matilda's house.
Matilda's Easter table. Yum yum!

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