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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Year 4! 


Sorry for the delay in getting the page up... It was all done on Monday, but didn't save! 


Our plan for today; 

Morning work - verbs and adverbs 

English - Saga of Biorn 

Maths - Write in Decimals 

Topic - Viking Gods and Goddesses 

Wellbeing Wednesday! 



I hope you've been able to get outside and enjoy the sun, I have great tan lines on my wrist (where my watch goes!)... Opppsi! 

Morning work 

List down as many verbs (doing words) and adverbs (describing the action). 



Verbs Adverbs
walk slowly
talk quickly



Today I have another Viking themed story for you to watch, this one is all about a warrior called Biorn. 

A saga (is a norse word which mean a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents) so it is like a small adventure that he went on. 


I would like you to take the pictures from his adventure and put them into your own words (you don't need to print the pictures out, but a powerpoint presentation was the easiest way for me to set it up for you). 


Remember to use time conjunctions, adverbs, adventurous vocabulary and so on. 

The Saga Of Biorn

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop, Denmark.


Today's work is about knowing how to write down different decimal amounts. e.g. one tenth = 1/00 (as a fraction) = 0.1 (as a decimal). 


Have a go at the powerpoint presentation and then complete your chosen option. Remember there is an extension to do IF you want to. 



Today we are going to learn more about the different Gods and Goddesses that Vikings worshipped. 

Look through the powerpoint presentation and then choose your favourite to write a fact file about. 


Make sure you include these subheadings 

  • God / Goddess's name 
  • What they are god of 
  • Likes / dislikes 
  • Interesting facts about them 


You may decide to look at other websites for information about the Viking Gods, 

I would recommend these websites


Wellbeing Wednesday! 


You know the drill, have some time to yourself... 

I'll be playing Just Dance today... 

What will you get up to? 


As always, I love to hear what you've gotten up to! 

Speak soon, 

Miss Kaur

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