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Blue Maths

In today's lesson we are going to be adding to make 10. We will be using the number bonds for the number 10 to help us with today's learning. Your work today is to watch the White rose video below explaining and showing you how to complete today's activity.


Miss Martin would like you to pause the video after 4.00 minutes and have a go at the activity with a grown-up. You will need a ten frame and some counters or small objects. A tens fram can easily be drawn onto a piece of paper so you don't have to print anything if you don't want to.


After you have played the game practicing your number bonds to 10, please play the video and watch the next activity that Miss Martin would like you to have a go at. For the second activity you are going to add to make 10, you will need two tens frames and some counters or small objects for this task.

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