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Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day. This could be a story book which you read, a phonics book which they read or a mixture of the two.


Oxford Owl have a library of free books which can be read on a phone or tablet.


Follow the link below and sign up yourself. You can then access a variety of books which are age-appropriate. Start on age 3-4 (Oxford Level 1) and work your way through as your child gets more confident.



Today we start our work on Phase 3 Phonics.


We will be learning some more single-letter sounds this week and next and the moving on to digraphs.


Watch the lesson video below and then ask your child to practise the 'j' sound 10 times on lined paper, reminding them to include a descender. Then complete one of the following activities


Blue challenge: practise oral segmenting and blending by sounding out the following words for your child to blend. Once they are confident, ask them to try and sound them out.










Green challenge: ask your child to segment the following words and write them on lined paper.









Purple challenge: ask your child to write the following sentences independently.


I like to jump and jog.

There is jam on my hand.

The jet is fast.

EYFS Phonics 'j' video



Today we are learning about the number 10.


First, watch the Numberblocks episode below.


After that, complete one of the activities below.


Blue challenge: provide your child with a selection of blocks or similar that they can use for counting. Write the numbers 0-10 on separate pieces of paper. Hold up a number at a time and ask your child to count out that many blocks/toys.


Green challenge: use pieces of Lego/pasta/toys/blocks and ask your child to group them into tens. Provide bags or boxes for them to put each 10 in and remind them that they need to count carefully each time. Once they have finished, count how many 10s they have. Then hold up different amounts of groups and ask them to say 'You have _____ tens.' e.g. if you hold up 3 bags or boxes, your child would say 'You have three tens.'


Purple challenge: complete the Green challenge and then model counting in tens with your child (10, 20, 30, 40 etc.) Then hold up a certain number of groups and ask them to count in tens to find the answer. (e.g. if you held up 4 bags, they would count 10, 20, 30, 40.) 



Today we are going to be learning about one of my favourite stories, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.


Watch the video of Michael Rosen performing the story below together and try to join in the with actions. It may be helpful to watch the video more than once.


Create stick puppets like the ones I have attached below or retell the story through role play. Encourage your child to experiment with loud and quiet in their voice and also the different voices that their voice can make.

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

EYFS Shared Reading - Hairy Bear Part 1

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