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Today we are going to learn about final consonant blends. These are blends at the end of words.

Phase 4 Phonics Final Consonant Blends

Can you write these words when an adult says them.

Listen carefully and segment the sounds to help you with spelling the words.


bank             rink

mast             list

hand             band

lamp             camp

left              raft


Today we are going to have a lesson on length , using the words long and short.

Watch the lesson which is led by a EYFS teacher , please ignore the dates etc.

Then have a go at the tasks at the end of the video.

You could also link this to our earlier work this week about estimation.

With the objects that you are using to measure with you can ask your child to estimate before they measure.

For example - Estimate how many lego bricks long the book is?

Now let's check .

Reception Maths Week 8 - Lesson 1


Today we are going to continue to write our diary.

We are going to think about something that we did yesterday.

 Write Wednesday  as a heading and underneath write your sentence about what you did yesterday. You might be able to write about 2 things and use the joining word and. Mrs Wills has taught you about using and to join your sentences. 

Say your sentence aloud and have a go at spelling the words using your phonics to help you. You can draw pictures if you would like to illustrate your work.

Here is an example.

I played in the garden and  jumped really high on my trampoline.

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