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Tuesday 12th January 

Miss Kaur's Morning Message!

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Reading time... 

Miss Kaur's verbal instructions for reading time

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Links for websites with free books

Oxford Owl (login - best / password - class)

Audible - free books 

Book Trust - free books 


David Walliams - Elevenses catch up 



Efficient multiplication

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Click on the video below for help from me (Miss Kaur)  😊

Main task talk through

Still image for this video

♦PURPLE - Challenge Question/Mini extension 

Click on the link below for the extension task questions. 

Extension problem solving questions to have a go at

Miss Kaur goes through the answers!

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Click on this for the answers for the extension task



English - Iron Man prediction

Click on the video to see today's English lesson about creating a prediction of what happens next in the story.

PDF of the Iron Man text for today's lesson

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Picture of Miss Kaur's modelled writing



Class Reader - Year 4 Tuesday 12th January

Chapter 3 of The Danger Gang



Today would normally be our PE afternoon with Mr Revan. 

I have found this great video for you to have a challenge at home.

It's by a great PE Teacher in YORKSHIRE. 

He's got some different activities to do, just remember you can pause the video to have a go.  


#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills

ThisIsPE Darren Huart has six years experience as a PE teacher, and today he talks you through games for coordination with ball skills.


►ELSA - Thoughtful Tuesday 

Adventures of Ty the Puppy 
This is what I came down to on Monday morning... Why? 
Watch the video to see his new skill cheeky

Ty’s new skill

Still image for this video

School Updates