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Friday 26th November

Hello Year 2!

Here is your home learning for today.

Spelling test

Every Friday we have our spelling test. You should have your spellings for this week's test on your spelling sheet at home. Have a practise of your words and then ask an adult to test you. Good lucksmiley


Read your school reading book for 10 to 15 minutes with an adult.


We are continuing our work on multiplication and today we are thinking about the tens times tables.

Watch the teaching video and complete the questions. You can check your answers when you have finished.


In yesterday's lesson we recapped on using adjectives to describe nouns.

Today we are continuing with this and writing descriptive sentences.  Click the link below for the lesson.

Work through the lesson with an adult and then have a go at activity 2, creating a magical plant.


Practise one of our Christmas songs at home by singing along to the music.

01 Dear Santa.mp3

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