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1. Spellings

Our spellings for this week.

Practise them everyday , ready for a test on Friday.


These ones are the trickier ones from the Year 1 list

school     where        friend        were  


These ones are from the Year 2 list

many     sure      sugar     whole     hour    climb

2. Homophones

Today we are going to learn about homophones.

What are homophones?

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Like night  and  knight.

See below.

In your exercise book match the homophones that sound the same.

Like this    night  →  knight

 Draw pictures to go with the pair of homophones like the examples above.

blue               here

bear               write

hear               sea

see                 eye

knot               male

flower            maid

right             blew

I                    bare

made              not

mail                pair

pear               flour


Now choose one pair of your homophones and write a sentence for them.

Here is mine

In the night the knight rode into town.

3. Handwriting

Choose a page from your handwriting booklet that you haven't yet completed and see if you can use your very best handwriitng to complete it.

Remember you will be in Year 3 soon , so make sure that you are taking care!



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