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Monday 11th January



In the mornings, we would normally do different activities to practice our times tables. This morning I would like you to have a go at 'Hit the Button'. 


Follow the link HIT THE BUTTON, and have a couple of goes on the 'mixed' times tables before choosing one which you find challenging, for me... I always find the 7s hard. 

I've circled the activity I mean laugh

Have fun!



Factor pairs Year 4

Miss Kaur's explanation of today's lesson

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Click on this sheet to have a go at blush


If you're feeling fairly confident today, have a go at this sheet smiley


Click on this sheet if you're feeling confident. 

Extension task for all laugh



Talk through the Handwriting/Spelling task

Still image for this video
Click on the video for information about today’s handwriting

Spelling/Handwriting Sheet



Starter activity - 

Look at the sentences below, can you identify any of the mistakes (punctuation/spellings) on the sheet? 


HINT: It may be worth reading it aloud, writing it yourself to identify the mistakes... 

Fix the sentence task

Fix the sentences answers!

Monday English Part 1

Part one of our chapter about the Iron Man (Drama lesson!)

Monday English Part 2

Part 2 of your English lesson (writing task)

♦Blue - Need extra help?

Look at the image from my example and continue writing as if you are the Iron Man



Class Reader - Year 4 Monday 11th

Chapter 2 of The Danger Gang



Year 4 - Settlers Lesson 1

This video explains today's lesson about early settlements and the difference between what you WANT and NEED to survive

List to organise wants and needs


►ELSA - Mighty Monday 

ELSA mean Emotional Literacy Support Assistant 

We have two lovely Teaching Assistants trained in ELSA and give support to children across the school. 

During these difficult times, I think that it is important for children to be aware of and focus on their wellbeing and will include a 'wellbeing' activity via the ELSA support website for the children to dip into. 

It's not essential, but you may find it supports your child's wellbeing... 

ELSA - Mighty Monday

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