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Friday 22nd May

It's Friday! Next week is half term!

Oops! I forgot to mention the 'Year 2 Half Term Oxford Owl Reading Challenge'.

Click on the sun on the class page where it says Half term to find out more!

Who will I be sending a certificate to?????smiley

Start the day with the supermovers

Number bond time


1 - spelling test

Have another practise of the spellings for this week and then ask a grown-up to test you on the words.

How many can you spell correctly?

bath       path       both


most      past       last  


move     prove       improve



Writing a snail riddle

We have written riddles before so you might be able to remember what to do.A riddle is a type of poem that gives the reader clues about something. The person reading it has to work out what the riddle is about so it is important to make your clues interesting and not too simple. Remember we write riddles in first person using words like,     I , my , mine , me , myself 

They always start and end with, What am I? 

Each clue is written on a new line and we usually write between 6 to 8 clues.

Here is my riddle


What am I?

Some people are scared of me but I am very shy!

I sometimes live in your house or outside.

I can be huge , medium sized or tiny.

My favourite food is juicy flies!

I am not an insect because I have got eight legs.

My legs are covered in little hairs.

I can spin silk to make a web.

My babies are called spiderlings.

What am I?


A spider of course!


I would like you to write a riddle about a snail.

Remember to include some of English skills.

  • adjectives
  • conjunctions
  • commas in a list
  • ?  and   !
  • capital letters and full stops
  • neat handwriting with finger spaces.

I have included a list of useful words , remember you will not use the word snail!

Happy riddle writing.

Useful words

What am I ?


shell              eggs                  silver            

pattern           garden                birds

home              rough tongue        fox

tentacles         enemy                slug

stalks            slimy                 poison

eyes              soft                    humans

protect           body                   slowly

leaves            foot                    slow

slither            move




Watch the teaching video. Today it is all about multiplication and arrays.

Make sure that you have a piece of paper and a pencil to hand incase you need to jot anything down.

Teaching video Use arrays


You can print the questions or work through the questions in your exercise book or discuss the questions and your answers with a grown-up.


Today's lesson is about Shanghai which is a city in China. China belongs to the continent known as Asia.

Watch the videos , read the information and have a go at the activities at the end.


Every Friday we have Golden Time this is when we have time to choose what we wovuld like to do. It's a bit different at home but spend some time playing with you favourite toys , maybe make something out of junk , spend some time colouring and drawing or if it's not raining do something outside.



Story time. Mr Nosey.

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