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Wed 22/4


Good morning Year 1! laugh


I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday and managed to complete some super work with your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all so far have gone in a super picture gallery so look out for your pictures there! I have loved the pictures of you being plant detectives and your super drawings of Flowers inspired by Andy Warhol.


Yesterday when completing my Joe Wicks work out, I was joined by Lola and George. They enjoyed the workout and were very tired afterwards. Here is a picture of them enjoying itsmiley



Wednesday timetable

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin explain the time table for today.
Morning work:  In your Handwriting booklets please complete pages 38 and 39 all about Capital letters. If you have forgotten what some capital letters look like, visit the hint page for a sneaky peek.laugh

Phonics:  In your phonics buster books can you complete pages 14 and 15 - section 1 practice check A and B.


There are some great interactive games on the phonics play website for children to play and revise their phonetic skills. Currently, the website is free for parents to sign up to if you log in using the user name: march 20 and the password: home. I am pleased that so many of you in your email updates have been saying you have been accessing the phonics play website, well done!laugh


You could also play some different phonics games at:

English: Today we are going to be looking at adjectives (describing words). To start with click on this link and watch the BBC bitesize video about describing words.


After you have watched the video, please complete page 43 of your handwriting booklet about adjectives.



English page explained

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin explain the English task to you.

English extension tasks:


If you feel you would like a challenge or more practice with adjectives, please complete Activity 1: Let's be descriptive on the BBC biteesize webpage underneath the video.

Reading:  Make sure you read a book today or have a grown-up read you a story.  If you have read all your reading books from school, you can read some of the phonetically decodable comics online. These can be found at  Also, David Walliams (A well-known children's author) has given you the opportunity every day to receive a short audiobook from his collection of short stories from his book 'The World’s Worst Children!' You can access these at:

Maths starter:  Today we are continuing our learning about counting in groups of 10. To warm our brains up and to practice, I would like you to watch this short video and sing/dance and join in with the counting.

Count by 10's count to 100 - Jack Hartmann

Maths:  Today in your white Maths packs can you complete the page counting in 10's with kites on. You need to fill in the missing number counting in 10s on the kite string. Be careful and look closely at the numbers, are they going up in 10s or going down 10s?



Computing : Using Purple mash

(Log in : Year1    Password: Year1)   Please notice the capital Y and no gaps.


On the home page, click on science, find topics and click on plants. Once on the plant page, scroll down to paint projects. Complete the 'three flowers' project and create your own flowers in a vase. Here is one I made to show you as an example smiley


End of the day story:    The story I have chosen today is one that I don't think we have read before in class, it is called Puppy love by Dick King-Smith and illustraited by Anita Jeram.


Lola really enjoyed me recording this story for you, so I hope you enjoy it! smiley



Puppy Love story

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