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FRI 3/4

Thank you for sharing your learning - see some photos below - I will continue to add to these as you finish things and send pics to me smiley

Two weeks of home learning and the Spring Term comes to a close today. It has been a very unusual term indeed....but, my word, you have risen to the challenge and made the most of a different way of learning. Thank you to you and your families for sharing your learning, keeping in touch - I am very very proud of you.

Have a wonderful two-week break. Home learning will begin again on Monday 20th April. Over the holiday feel free to keep in touch and share what you have been doing. Below you will find lots of ideas of things you could do during the holiday whilst we are all inside - these ideas all came from you last Friday - so thank you!

> WELCOME - click to hear

Click to hear Mr Smyton

Today is Fabulous Friday. It marks the end of our second week of home learning and it's been amazing yet again. Thank you.
> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - live from 9am


Using the stopwatch below time yourself saying your 2x table:

Like this:

1 times 2 is 2

2 times 2 is 4

3 times 2 is 6

4 times 2 is 8

up to

12 times 2 is 24

How long did it take? Can you go under 10 seconds?

Try with your 5x and 10x table. How quick are you at other tables? Make a list of times for each one that you can try and beat in the future.

Race a grown-up.

Main Learning

Have a go at the questions below. Today you will need to view them on your screen. You can record your answers and working out in your exercise book at the Maths end.

Ask a grown-up to check or mark them yourself using the answers below.

As the second week of school being 'closed' comes to an end, how are you finding it now? Being at home and learning is very different. How have you spent your time? How is everybody feeling? What is your routine like now?

If possible I would like you to do two things:

1) Write a 'Dear Diary' entry in your Exercise Book at the English end dated 3/4/20. Tell the diary about this week and your thoughts about what is going on in the world. Could you draw an illustration to go with your writing that captures this strange time? As I have said before....this book/diary will be amazing to look back on when you are grown-ups and you share this unusual time in history with your family and friends. Your entries so far have been very very thoughtful - well done.

2) Please email me with a short weekly review to let me know what you and your family have been up to this week and your plans for the 2 weeks holiday. I would love to hear from everyone. If you have any thoughts on the learning you've been doing you can let me know those too. Thank you. smiley


We have packed so much opportunity for learning into the last 2 weeks: Maths, story writing, grammar work, spelling work, Science, History, RE, PE, Computing and ICT, Art and Design Technology.

Were there some things you have not yet tried or not yet finished?

Use some time today to look back over the previous days and see if there is anything you have not yet tried which you would like to or to finish things that you have started.

Please send me your photos: rainbows, re-cycled creations, Lowry art, Easter Bonnets, Sun artwork, shadows plus anything else you've done.

I have loved reading last week's stories about the boat and the cottage with a light on and also this week's incredibly inspired writing about Luca on the Moon from yesterday...I would love to read some more.

Listen to your class-mate's messages, look at the slideshows and videos and look back over what you have done. You can rightly feel proud.


Last Friday I asked you to share your ideas for a list of things we could do to keep ourselves entertained whilst in our homes. A list of fun, challenge, imagination. As always your ideas came flooding in, so thank you. I present the YEAR 5 LIVELY LOCK-DOWN LIST

How many have you done? What could you try during the next 2 weeks? Share your pictures of you doing these things...smiley

Find somewhere quiet to relax: and listen to the latest story written by, and read by David Walliams.

Sometime before you go to bed find 10-15 minutes to read a book...somewhere quiet. Record it in your orange Reading Diary.

Remember there are lots of books you can read online at Oxford Owl - see Monday's page for details.

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