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Friday 10th July

Congratulations on completing another school year at Thythorn - what a year it has been! I am sure we will never forget this one! Anyway here's what we are up to on our last day before the holidays...

CLASS:  3  & 4

Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

WEEK BEGINNING:  06/07/20             Friday

 Home Learning SUMMER TERM


PE with

Joe /Yoga



Maths –see your own yr gp star







(1) Write yourself a Summer Bucket List - 10 things you would like to accomplish over the Summer...You could include books you would like to read, things you would like to do with your family, places and people you want to see (after Lockdown ends!), things you want to get better at or things you want to make.


Mrs Brewster's Summer Bucket List

1. Read 3 books

2. Bake some cupcakes

3. Tidy up the garden

4. Go to a zoo.....


I wonder how many you will manage to do...let us know in September!  

You could write your list on the bucket template below or just draw your own.


(2) Summer alphabet challenge....can you think of something related to Summertime for each letter of the alphabet?

A= Air conditioning

B= Barbecues, Beach

C= Cold drinks....

Good luck!




Maths - 

Click on your symbol...

Quiet Reading




Using what we have learned about the main religions of the world can you match up these people, places and symbols correctly? The answers are at the end.  Do the ones you know first and then the trickier ones - you could look back at previous weeks or use the internet to help you if you are not sure.


End of Year Would you Rather Quiz!!!!

Class Reader

we have only got up to Chapter 6 and there are 14 if you are enjoying the story you might want to continue and listen to the rest of it to find out how it ends.

DAY 06 | STORY | The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass - Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Well that's it for this year! The only thing that remains is to say have a fantastic...
See you in September!smiley

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