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It was lovely to hear a number of you read yesterday and I was also in school in the afternoon, so got to catch up with many over through the day.  Our thoughts are all starting to look towards next Monday and our return to the classroom, but please don't let the amazing effort and work you've all been putting in to your learning, slip.  Keep up loading your work to Seesaw and if you need help, drop me a message.  If I take a while to reply, it will be because I'm in school a lot this week teaching and making preparations.


Year 5 – Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading







Spellings into sentences

Mental Maths warm up


Complete a symmetric figure

The story of Lego – using words and phrases to show the passage of time and summarising.

Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce


Tuesday slide

Words with an    ‘-able/ible’ ending

The future of transport.  Sustainability and environmentally friendly transport



Your task this morning is to choose 5 words and put them into sentences. Then have fun practising the words using a variety of ways, like we do in the classroom, such as pyramid words, one letter/one colour and drawing the shape of the word.  I've included a picture of some of the games we do to help you (click on them to enlarge).




        ►Mental starter

Complete a symmetric figure - this is a lesson to revisit reflecting patterns ready to build on your learning.

At the end of the video it says to go to BBC Bitesize for the worksheet.  Please ignore this, as I've put the sheet below.

Blue challenge - complete all questions.

Green challenge - complete all questions and 1 purple question.

Purple challenge - complete all questions and continue onto the challenge below.




Today I would like you to watch the History of Lego video once again.  Pause and pay particular attention at 9:58-11:25mins. Think about these questions:

Who did Godtfred meet?

What was their conversation about?

What was the key word in the conversation?

How did this word factor into the invention of Lego?

Look up the word “system” in a dictionary, what does it mean. Do you agree or disagree that Lego needed a system?

Task 1: Read and highlight the words and phrases (on the sheet below) that show passage of time then read through together. List the conjunctions. Can you think of any more?

Task 2:  Write a paragraph which summarise the clip. You should include words and phrases to show passage of time, although not every sentence will include this.

The LEGO® Story



Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce






► HISTORY and D.T.

Today we are going to continue to think about sustainable and enviromentally sound travel and transport.

Watch the video, in which I give lots of information about how and why vehicles are designed and made in a specific way.  This will help to inform your decisions this afternoon when you come to design your own vehicle of the future.

Things to think about:   Who will use the transport? What does the capacity need to be? How will it utilise green energy? (it may be necessary at this point to refer back to yesterday's video and look at some of the transport methods being considered for the future, discussing why they are greener option).What makes a good/bad method of transport? Which materials will be best to build with? 

After watching and thinking about all the information:

1:  You will complete the 'design task sheet', where you will draw and label your outline design and ideas according to the points on the sheet.

2:  Using the 'vehicle design paper' (you will probably use multiple sheets), draw in much closer detail the outer design, interior design and any special features.  You will label it with the size, materials used, colours, features.

Mrs Dunford explains the task and gives information about car design.

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