Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Thythorn Field Primary School is a Local Authority school.  We admit pupils in accordance with Leicestershire County Council's Policy on Admissions.


Our school admissions are processed centrally by the Admissions Department at County Hall.  Further information and advice is available on the Leicestershire County Council website.


Please see below the catchment map for Thythorn Field Primary School. Any queries regarding this map should be made to the Admissions department at Leicestershire County Council.

The current admission numbers at Thythorn Field Primary School are:


Year GroupMaximum Class Size


Class Numbers    

Year 13029
Year 23027
Year 33030
Year 43026
Year 53028
Year 63029


If you are interested in applying for our EYFS, contact the school office to arrange a visit. Our Induction Process is detailed below

School Updates