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Monday 6th December


Measure perimeter


We will continue to read 'Clockwork' as a class read. Today we are starting the study of a well known and loved story at this time of year by the famous Victorian author  - Charles Dickens. Can you guess what it is?.........








Please read the following pages and answer the questions below about the text read. 



1. Look at page 5. Which 2 ways does Scrooge show he is mean?

2. Read the description of Scrooge on p6. Can you create 2 similes to describe him? 

3. On page 6, find examples of how poor pay affected Bob Cratchit.

4. On page 7, Scrooge argues with his nephew - what about? 

5. Why do you think Scrooge feels this way?

6. Look at p.8 - what does Scrooge think should happen to the poor?

7. What does Scrooge allow Bob to do?

8. How does Bob celebrate? - give me 2 examples. 



Explore the photos of the Victorian artefacts in the document below. 

Describe them and predict what you think they were used for. 


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