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Year 2

Our new topic for Autumn 2 is London's Burning!

open the PDF document to see what we will be learning about.

Welcome to Year 2!


The staff in Year 2 are:

Miss M.Shepherd - Class Teacher

Mrs C.Archibald - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Clarke - PE coach Thursday morning

Mrs Brewster - music / spellings Thursday morning


Welcome back ! 

The Year 2 children have started the new school year really well by working hard and showing that they can be quite independent in the way that they work.


Here is some information about Year 2 for this term

  • PE  - Swimming every Monday afternoon from 16/9/19  until and including 28/10/19  

                 Mr Clarke every Thursday morning  - fundamental skills / foot and hand skills

                 Please make sure PE  kits are in school all week as there maybe times that the timetable changes

                 or we have extra sessions.


  • HOMEWORK -  Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and should be handed in by the following 

                                  Monday. It will usually be a piece of Maths and English work linked to our learning in

                                  school. Sometimes it will be topic based and may involve research or the children

                                  making something.


  • SPELLING -   Our spelling test will be on a Thursday. Please make sure that red spelling books are in 

                               school on this day.


  • READING BOOKS - The Year 2 children will be given plenty of opportunities to change their reading     

                                          books each week. They will have two reading books and a free choice book.

                                          They will also have opportunities to use the school library. Please sign the yellow

                                           reading diary when your child reads at home.



Growing Up in Year 2


Year 2 is the final year in Key Stage 1 - the last year of 'infants' before moving to 'juniors' in Key Stage 2. In May each year, children are assessed using SATs tests and teacher assessment to check that they are making the expected progress for their age. The expectations are high, but we provide lots of support and different activities to help pupils become confident learners.  


Between the ages of 6 and 7, children grow rapidly in many ways. Keep a check on your child's eyesight, hearing and teeth; it's the stage when some children need grommets, glasses or regular visits from the tooth fairy!


It's also the age when many children start to become a lot more independent and socially aware; they learn how to put their own viewpoint across, but need practise in listening properly to others! In year 2, we have to do a lot of discussion about understanding another person's point of view, being fair and kind and following our agreed class rules. 

We are an inclusive school; all children are expected to be friendly, to work and play with everyone, and to talk through any difficulties so that they are quickly resolved. 



Please see below to find out what the Year 2 children will be learning about.

Using Websites and online resources to help you child learn

Thythorn pays the subscription for pupils and parents to access useful learning sites at home. 

We hope that you find them useful; please give us feedback about other resources we could provide. 

SATs Parent Support


Below is the link to a video which explains how the Key Stage 1 tests will be taken and how you can help at home. 

Below is a link to a site which provides resources and example questions in preparation for the Maths Reasoning Test. 

School Updates