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Here is today's timetable:-


Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

WEEK BEGINNING:  27/04/20             Friday

 Home Learning SUMMER TERM wk2

8.40 – 9.00

9.00 - 9.30

9.30 – 10.30

10.30 -10.50

10.50 - 12

12– 1

1.00 – 2.50


English  skills – Handwriting


PE with

Joe Wicks – follow link on youtube

Maths - angles


English - Spelling


 Reading time (15mins)

 Times tables –

TT rockstars




Choose 5 words from one of the lists and write each one out 5 times in your best cursive handwriting:


PE with Joe


First of all play this game to revise 2D and 3D shapes.  Shine the torch over the shapes...can you name them correctly? Some of them are tricky! Click the eye to see the answer.  Use the switch to  swap between 2D and 3D...make sure you try both...


In our Friday Maths lesson this week we are thinking about angles.  Watch this video and play the games on this page to remind yourself about the different types of angles.  We haven't talked about reflex angles before so listen carefully to that part.

For the next part you need to log onto IR maths below.  

Username: children

Password: thythorn

Choose the folder Year 3 Friday Maths down the side and click Launch to start the game.

Choose an angle and write down what type you think it is. You can write:

A=Acute angle  O= Obtuse angle R= Reflex angle

Don't worry about the protractor or what the angle actually measures just look at the size of the angle to help you decide.

Then click to check if you were right.  How many of the angles can you do?


Which angle from the video wasn't mentioned? Can you draw it?




Get someone to test you on this week's spellings.  Let us know how you got on. yes


This week we are looking again at homophones.  First of all work through this PowerPoint:

Now select your spelling group and complete the tasks:

Before we get started with the afternoon let's make sure everyone is feeling awake!


Reading time and TT Rockstars!


Today we are thinking about Christians and how they communicate with God.  Watch this short video and listen carefully to what all of the people are saying.  You might want to watch it a couple of times.  Then have a go at answering the questions below.  Go back and look at the video again if you get stuck (the questions go in order of the video). 

Answer these questions about the video:


  1. Why do Christians pray?
  2. What is the Lord’s Prayer?
  3. What 3 things does the Lord’s Prayer do for Christians?
  4. What sorts of things do Christians pray to God about?
  5. When do Christians pray?
  6. Why do Christians think sometimes their prayers are not answered?


Now click below to look at the answers!

Class Reading Time

This week I chose a book that I know a lot of you enjoyed when we read it earlier in the school year so I thought it would be nice for you to hear it again...

The boy who switched off the Sun by Paul Brown Read by Kim (English)

Have a  great weekend! Mrs Brewster smiley

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