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Amazing Australia

Today we are going to think about the climate in Australia.

The word climate means what the weather is usually like over a long period of time.

Australia is such a big country that different parts can have different types of weather.

When it is winter in the United Kingdom it is summer in Australia. When it is winter in Australia it is summer in the United Kingdom. So at the moment it is winter in Australia. This means that Christmas time in Australia is during the summer!

Below is a short video to explain that the weather is different in different parts of Australia.

Weather On The Go - Australia

Lots of parts of Australia have very hot, sunny weather in the summer.

We are having very hot weather at the moment.

The sun is so important because it gives us light , heat and helps our food to grow, The sun can make us feel happy but it is really important to stay safe in the sun.

Discuss with your grown-up all the ways that you can stay safe in the sun and why it is important?

Below are 3 short videos about being safe in the sun.

Click on each one and make sure you know all the ways to saty safe.


I would like you to make a poster to help people understand about being safe in the sun. Think of a catchy heading , make it bright and colourful , draw pictures and make sure it helps people know about some of the ways to stay safe in the sun.

Below are some examples.

I would love to see some of your ideas!

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