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Friday 27th March 2020

FRIDAY 27.03.2020

How lovely to speak to some of you yesterday on the phone, and to read your news via e-mail. Some of you have been very creative with your contact methods and I hear have great plans for What's App groups and Skype communication parties! This warms my heart, that some of you are organising 'virtual' get togethers. I hear a few parents are meeting for a get together, a meal together - a 'virtual' meal together - it sounds good fun! Pupils have contacted a few friends and created conference calls, and Skype parties so that several of you can actually see each other, not just read messages or just hear a voice. I love this idea - this is truly the best use of devices, apps and multimedia, and is definitely spreading the message of #bekind #besupportive.                                                                    Year 6 parents and pupils you are the very best!  


As mentioned to some parents today, I am keen to keep the channels of communication and support open from me in school to you as parents and pupils. If you feel you need a sounding board, a listening ear - parents just as much as pupils - please feel free to contact me via my school e-mail


So it's Friday, nearly the weekend - well done to you all.


MATHS PROBLEM SOLVING: Can you crack the code?



Contact 3 people and tell them what you admire about them; praise them for a good quality they possess. 



Ok - here we go! If you haven't eaten all the fruit or veg up yet, have a go at recreating this. Maybe you could build a tower of toilet rolls rather than oranges! :) Can you solve the problem and answer the question?


Complete a 2nd comprehension task from your CGP book. You can choose which one out of the 4 to complete.



Write a letter for someone who may be anxious or feeling alone at the moment. Try to show empathy and understanding for their worries and anxiousness. Try to think of some positive and comforting thoughts you could share in order to raise their spirits and fill them with a greater degree of positivity.

The next time you go for 'one walk a day' ask your adult if they know of someone who might appreciate your positivity letter and ask them to post it for you. DO NOT GO TO A STRANGER'S HOUSE even if you know they may be lonely - let the adult deliver it. If there is an elderly person's residential home, or warden assisted living accommodation near you maybe your adult could deliver it there. Draw a picture of something uplifting; something you feel will make them smile to go with the letter.


Now, let the weekend begin! 

Speak to you next week.

Ms Hadland

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