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Compare lengths

Today we are going to be moving on with our learning to look at our block of learning on measuring length and height. During this block we will be completing a lot of practical activities to help you experience these concepts for yourselves, there will not be masses of worksheets for you to complete. This is one of my favourite blocks of learning in the Year 1 curriculum as it really gives the learning a purpose and the children can be practically immersed in their learning and for the children it can be fun to complete the practial activities as to them it doesn't feel like they are completing maths tasks because it is practical and hands on.


For today's lesson, please watch the white rose video and have a go at the activities explained in the video. You will need to pause this video at certain points to take part in the activities. Below is a worksheet that Miss Martin hs made for you to have looked at the presentation.


Have fun investigating! laugh

Compare lengths activity


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